Hey there! How are you? My name is Matt. I'm a software engineer at 50onRed in Philadelphia.

I put up this site so that I could share my personal thoughts with my Mom.

My areas of interest include biology, music, the Buffalo Bills and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Reveal.js Speech Plugin

Want to control your slideshow presentations without using your hands? Now you can with this reveal.js plugin that allows users to navigate their presentations with their voice alone.


Landing site for an nutrition app that a friend of mine wants to make. The site is hosted on S3 and fronted with CloudFlare. The contact form uses Amazon's API Gateway + Lambda to send an email on demand.

Food Underground

This was a custom CMS/website for a catering/food party company using Flask + MySQL on the backend, and plenty of jQuery + Bootstrap on the front. For development purposes there is an Ansible role to spin up a Vagrant box and provision the DB.

2929 Beers

Finding the right beer for your fridge can be difficult with the countless options out there. This was the first Flask application I ever made, and has been used by my company to allow employees to search and vote on their favorite beers.

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