Talk to Your Presentation

Reveal.js Speech Plugin Example

Say "goto next" to get started.

How does it work?

This plugin leverages Web Speech API's SpeechRecognition interface and connects it with the Reveal.js API

What can you do with it?

Out of the box, this plugin comes with the following commands:

  • "Goto Next" - Next slide
  • "Goto Previous" - Previous slide
  • "Goto Last" - The final slide
  • "Goto First" - The first slide

But it also allows for plenty of customization.

This is a Cool Slide

This slide has a surprise ending. Say "spaghetti" out loud to unveil the hidden message.

Spaghetti is delicious!

Now say "Moving Along" to continue.


Source code and documentation for this plugin can be found here.

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